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Growing To Learn: New Ideas In Child Education

As a teacher aide who has recently returned to the profession after a fifteen-year break, I am impressed and somewhat overwhelmed by the new innovations and techniques being used to educate children. The use of interactive boards, self-directed learning and differentiation are just some of the practices which I find interesting and inspiring. Of course, many traditional methods such as storytelling are used to motivate children as well. In my conversations with parents, I realise that many of them feel inadequate and are unsure about ways to reinforce learning at home. This blog is designed to highlight the best of child education and reassure parents that they can be excellent teachers as well. I hope that my readers are encouraged by the ideas and information contained within. I wish you joy in watching your children grow and learn.

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Childhood Education: Choosing the Right School For Your Child

If your child is reaching school age, you will no doubt be thinking about their education. Childhood education plays a vital role in preparing your child for the future by giving them the skills they need to succeed. Part of ensuring your child receives the best education is choosing the right school. Below is a guide which will help you to find the best school for your child.

Look at every available option

Your first job is to gather as much information as possible about the schools in your local area as well as others which are farther afield. At this point, you shouldn't rule any school out. Visit the websites of each school and download or request an information pack or prospectus. Consider the ratings each school has received from educational bodies and their location and costs. Public schools will typically be free. However, if you wish to send your child to a private school, you may need to pay additional fees. In some cases, your child may be able to apply for a scholarship to meet these costs. You should make a shortlist of schools which you wish to target.

Visit the schools

Once you have shortlisted the schools, you should arrange visits to each one. Some schools have open days during which families and their children can visit the site and speak with teachers and other staff. If the school does not have an open day, you should be able to arrange a private visit so you can look around and get a feel for the place. Visiting the school in person is very important as it will help you to compare what you have read in the prospectus with reality. Ideally, you should take your child along with you so they can play some part in the decision-making process. Once you have visited a school, you should talk with your child and ask them what they thought about the place and how they would feel about being a pupil there. While your child should not have the final say on which school they attend, you should keep their opinion in mind. A child is much more likely to succeed if they are attending a school of their choice.

If you would like to find out more about choosing a school which will give your child the education they deserve, you should contact an educational provider today.