Growing To Learn: New Ideas In Child Education

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Growing To Learn: New Ideas In Child Education

As a teacher aide who has recently returned to the profession after a fifteen-year break, I am impressed and somewhat overwhelmed by the new innovations and techniques being used to educate children. The use of interactive boards, self-directed learning and differentiation are just some of the practices which I find interesting and inspiring. Of course, many traditional methods such as storytelling are used to motivate children as well. In my conversations with parents, I realise that many of them feel inadequate and are unsure about ways to reinforce learning at home. This blog is designed to highlight the best of child education and reassure parents that they can be excellent teachers as well. I hope that my readers are encouraged by the ideas and information contained within. I wish you joy in watching your children grow and learn.

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3 Ways In Which You Will Benefit From Enrolling Your Child in a Funded Kindergarten Program

One of the best things you can offer your child is an excellent education and care during their formative stages. The kindergarten stage of development is the most influential in their life. It is where they learn educational and social competencies. Through the kindergarten, your child learns basic literacy and numeracy skills, emotional attachment styles and how to carry themselves in social situations. 

As parents and the educators invest in the best teaching and learning methodologies to prepare the little ones for life, the cost of kindergarten schooling keeps increasing. If you want the best for your child, but the best schools are beyond your financial capability, you should consider a funded program. Your child will benefit from the program in these three ways.

Quality Play-based Learning

Children learn best when they are allowed to explore and teach themselves from the environment. It is for this reason that education models such as Montessori are now famous. The system offers your child an equipped environment, and your child is left to explore while the teacher steps back and supervises the progress. 

Funded schools have donors that help them create this rich environment for the child to explore. They also have trained early childhood development teachers whose role is ensuring they gain the most out of their surroundings.

Early Development Of Social Skills

The formative years determine your child's personality and how they will form their future relationships. If you leave the social development aspect of education to chance, you might have a gifted child that will struggle to fit in the workplace.

The funded programs understand the importance of social development in the overall growth of the learner. They create an environment where the child learns proper ways of communicating about their needs and healthily expressing all their emotions.

Better Academic Performance

A child who undergoes at least two years of kindergarten develops numeracy and literacy skills earlier than those who do not. The best thing about learning with other children is the peer scaffolding aspect of it. Your child will find it easier to imitate something when they see their fellow child doing it than when an adult tries to model the behaviour. 

Your child will perform better in later school years when you invest in the right kindergarten.

These are the main benefits you get from enrolling your child in a funded kindergarten program. Find reputable programs around you and start the journey of raising a well-rounded individual.